Frogames Dungeon Pack


Corridors, crossings, rooms, torches, arches, platforms, and walls.

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The Dungeon Pack is the perfect library to populate your levels and create your dungeons with corridors, crossings, rooms, torches, arches, platforms, and walls. Rooms and corridors come in a second version for top view games a la Never Winter Nights or Dungeon Siege. Includes a set of more than 50 elements to build your own dungeon levels and reduce your development time with high quality art!

The Dungeon Pack allows you to create outdoor areas around your dungeons with trees, roots, rocks, plants … and also a skybox, water and 3 ground textures.

System Requirements

  • Valid .MAP editor to open BSP source map files.
  • Valid .JPEG & .PNG editor to open texture files.
  • Valid 3D Modeller application to open 3DS Max source files.
  • A licenced or demo version of the Torque Game Engine to use precompiled Torque files
  • A licenced or demo version of the Unity to use the Unity Package.

What’s in the Dungeon Pack?:

  • 20 static and animated shapes
  • 27 interiors
  • 45 textures
  • 1 foliage texture
  • 4 particles effects
  • 4 ground textures
  • 1 skybox with clouds
  • 1 lava and 1 water texture
  • 1 demo mission


Each model comes with source files:- .x, .lwo, .obj and .fbx

  • quake .map file, quark .qkm file – for indoor elements (corridors, crossings, rooms …)
  • 3DS Max7 .max file, .3ds file for outdoor elements

Textures templates

Each shape comes with a template texture.

Precompiled files for TGE

  • .dts files for shapes
  • .dif files for interiors

TGE Scripts

The Dungeon Pack contains scripts for particles and lights.

Unity Package

The Dungeon Pack contains a Unity Package.


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