Aerial View Desert Terrain & Palm Tree Textures Oasis


Texture kit allowing its user to create their own customized Aerial View Desert Scenes.


Oasis is a texture kit allowing its user to create their own customized Aerial View Desert Scenes.

There are 14 terrain textures (10 plain, 4 with palm trees) as well as 14 Palm Tree textures (On transparent backgrounds).

It’s up to you if you want to add more elements such as tents, camels, camp sites, Military vehicles and people or lean towards a more Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre. Bear in mind, without additional props the size of the lakes and mountains have no real reference. It’s only when you add a point of reference (a prop) that the viewer gains concept of size relevance. The smaller the props, the larger the terrain and vice versa.

Perfect for Concept Art projects, background scenes, 2D/3D Top Down or Flight Simulation games. 14 Non Tiling Aerial Desert Terrain Textures. 14 Palm Tree Textures Size 1024 x 1024 pixels.

Initially created for use within game engines, these textures would also be perfect for use with 3D models, props or scenes of architectural structures and backgrounds. With several years in the commercial game texture industry, many of our texture collections are made from photographs from our own stock site and edited in Photoshop. Original photographs taken with a professional SLR digital camera and hand edited in Photoshop CS4. Lots of time and attention was spent on the seamless detailing by removing light gradients and natural weathering artifacts ensuring textures tile flawlessly on both axis. *When applicable*

Perfect for game developers, 2D and 3D props and scenes and backgrounds. Can be used as a texture resource providing the end product does not allow for easy extraction of the original texture.


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